The Kindness Rocks Project has been gaining popularity all over the world and is spreading love within countless communities. Kindness rocks are painted rocks that are decorated with positive and uplifting messages and then placed somewhere in the community for others to find. The mission of the Kindness Rocks Project is to have these simple acts of kindness connect communities together and uplift individuals. An inspirational or positive message on a rock can completely change someone’s day around, which is why kindness rocks are so special. Now, The Kindness Rocks Project are encouraging both individuals and groups to get involved with creating kindness rocks and sharing the message on social media. Getting involved with the project is simple and can make someone’s day!


How Do I Join the Project?

There are a few ways that you can get involved with the Kindness Rocks Project. You can create your own kindness rock individually by signing up via the Kindness Rocks Project website with your email and registering your location on their map database. You can also share a photo of your kindness rock in your local area and post it on social media with #TheKindnessRocksProject to show you are joining the cause. Alternatively, you can look for Kindness Rocks Facebook groups or ask whether people are already taking part in your local community. Creating kindness rocks as a group means that you are able to form a painted rock garden, which makes a beautiful display and offer words of wisdom to passers-by.


How Do I Create a Kindness Rock?

Creating a kindness rock is fun and simple once you have the correct resources. Here is the best way to create a kindness rock:

1. Find a rock outdoors that is smooth and big enough for you to write your inspirational message on. You could also buy a rock from a local landscape business or garden centre.
2. Once you have chosen your rock, clean it with soap and then allow it to dry fully before painting.
3. Choose a colour and cover the rock with acrylic paint once it has dried properly. This acrylic paint is the base coat that you will be decorating and writing on top of.
4. Wait for the acrylic paint to dry and then add your own design and message with a small paint brush or paint pen.
5. If you are happy with your kindness rock, you can then seal the rock to protect it with a store-bought sealer. If you aren’t happy with your rock, you can just paint over and start again!
6. Sealing your kindness rock is important so that the paint does not come off and your message doesn’t fade away.

You can create just one kindness rock or multiple rocks, but avoid taking a large number of rocks from one outdoor area; we want to spread kindness while also protecting the environment.


Where Should I Place My Kindness Rock?

Kindness rocks should be placed somewhere in the community where people are likely to see them. This could be in a town square, outside a shopping centre, by a library or in a park. Place your kindness rock wherever you like, or place your creation in a painted rock garden along with others, if there is one nearby. Don’t forget to take a picture for social media to spread the word! The Kindness Rocks Project also accept your images via their email, and your kindness rock could be featured on their social media or website.


What Should I Do if I Find a Kindness Rock?

Kindness rocks are about spreading love and positivity, so if you come across one, take a moment to read the uplifting message. Kindness rocks can be left in place for others to find or you can take the kindness rock home if the message means a lot to you. You can also take a kindness rock to gift a friend or family member. Kindness rocks mean so much to many people, so taking a photo of the rock you found and posting online with #TheKindnessRocksProject means that more people will find out about kindness rocks and more communities will get involved with creating them.


Helping the Community Within Carlow Town

Here at LoveCarlow, our mission is to help direct and lead the community in Carlow Town, Ireland. We have a number of volunteers that have worked with us to highlight local businesses, carry out surveys to find out what local residents really think about the area, as well as a number of other initiatives to improve the town. We absolutely love the idea of kindness rocks and highly encourage our community to create their own kindness rocks and share them around town. Find out more about LoveCarlow on our website today and follow us on social media!