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Shamrock Plaza, Tullow Street , Carlow , Ireland
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Unum Ireland serves as a strategic software development and services centre for Unum, a leading provider of employee benefits. Located in Carlow, a thriving business centre that is home to many young professionals and institutions of higher learning, Unum Ireland plays a vital part in developing critical business applications and providing services to the overall company.
Established in 2008, Unum Ireland has built a deep pool of knowledge supporting many of the business applications needed by a global benefits provider such as Unum, including enrolment, claims management and other critical systems. Our strong collaborative environment allows us to design and build innovative solutions with technologies such as plug-and-play architecture, cloud-based platforms and web services.

Unum Ireland benefits from the best of both worlds, thriving on the energy, excitement and entrepreneurial spirit commonly found at a tech start-up combined with the resources of a Fortune 500 company. We’re committed to providing our employees the best tools and leading technologies available, and in turn challenge them to deliver top-notch solutions for our customers.

Just as important as our technology foundation is the emphasis we place on business excellence. Our culture embraces a continuous improvement philosophy that permeates everything we do – from meeting the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently to developing the skills and expertise of our employees.
Being a good corporate citizen is also part of our DNA. We value the excellent connection we have with our local community to foster programmes in education, disability, health and wellbeing, and culture.