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Flemington House, 1 Brown Street , Carlow, Co Carlow R93 W0E1
Detailed Information

CNI are a Healthcare Recruitment Agency providing a comprehensive staffing and recruitment services to the healthcare sector throughout Ireland.  We pride ourselves on our professional, personal and personable business approach. We have extensive experience in and knowledge of the Nursing and general health care recruitment field having over 15 years’ experience within the Industry.

The CNI team are guided by three simple principals,  The three “M”’s

Matching, Monitoring, Mentoring

– We match your core skill sets to patients needs.
–  We monitor your progress within each healthcare environment.
– We mentor our team members through the placement process in order to best develop their core skills and realise their professional ambitions.

As part of the CNI team, we will provide you with a wide range of part time and full-time professional options in a broad variety of locations throughout the country. We offer agency hours for both HSE and private hospitals in areas such as acute care, care for the elderly and for those with intellectual disabilities. We also have a range of full-time positions in a broad spectrum of nursing and associated care areas. We don’t just place healthcare professionals in posts, we place them in the right posts. Therefore, as a member of our team, we will meet with you in order to assess the right job for you.