Sequel to the prequel

I arrived at the grounds as it grew dark, I could see the rays of the setting sun creeping up through the clouds. It was utterly spooky, almost as though Duckett’s Grove was setting the scene for the evening that was.
As I walked up the driveway I was greeted by two enormous cast iron gates. I had to use my phone as torch (as
standard I forgot to bring the required ‘tool’) I confidently pushed the gate’ “creeeeeeeek’…
I was greeted by colourful lights strung atop the walls and buildings, dimly lighting the way to the reception desk. There was a sense of romance despite the looming notion that I was knowingly going on a ghost hunt.
Once signed in and given my lanyard I totted off to find the rest of my group. There were 3 groups of about 8. I was in group B.

It begins

Josie led us by flashlight through the archway of the walled gardens to where our first experiment would take place. Through squinted eyes I could make out a table placed in the middle of the lawn, it had a glass on it.
This technique for communicating with the spirit world is called ‘glass tipping’.
Four of us stood around the table, and placed one finger each lightly on the glass. We established a person for the answer ‘yes’ and another for ‘no’. We then began moving the glass in a soft circular motion around the table to create an energy flow. Josie encouraged us to introduce ourselves and to invite any spirits that were present, to let us know they were there.
Once I’d had a go at asking some questions, I stood back to let someone else in on the action.  I thought ‘I’ll take some pictures’, maybe even if I’m ‘lucky’, catch a spirit on camera!
Lo and behold, I couldn’t get the camera to work! My negligence perhaps? Or some serious, straight up paranormal activity!?
Once the session had finished, we all headed over to the tea rooms to discuss our experiences and warm up. The tea and biscuits were spot on, thanks Madeleine!

 Experiment Two

The second experiment took us to the basement of the house.
We were separated into two groups of four, investigating two different rooms.
The first room I went into had two chairs, back to back, facing the walls. Two of us sat in the chairs, whilst the other two observed us by torch light.
We were to record on paper what we were experiencing. Taking note of how we felt physically, mentally, emotionally and any strange thoughts we might be having.
The results were quite uncanny! Our team leaders seemed really pleased, as the information we were providing corresponded with other teams that had experimented in these places before us.

Experiment Three

The third experiment, took us to another room in the basement.
Four of us stood in a ’square circle’ around two recording devices. An AVP (Audible Voice Phenomena) which records sounds/voices as the natural ear hears. And an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) which records sounds that the natural ear may not hear but will be recognised when playing the recording back.
It was a small room, with a very large opening that may have been a window of some description. There was a slither of light coming from the night sky, it was essentially pitch black. I still couldn’t take pictures.
This was when things got weird for me!
As we were standing in position, asking anyone present to make contact, I became very uncomfortable. We were certain that something ominous was in that room with us.
Not long into the session I started to feel ill to my stomach and needed to sit down! I was spooked.
Once we’d wrapped up the basement, we headed back to the tea rooms for toasties and tea.


After some excited and shaken discussion with the groups, and from my own experiences, I came to the conclusion that Duckett’s Grove is shrouded in mystery and the paranormal, it was my time to high tail it out of there!
The event staff of truth seekers paranormal were truly great. They were knowledgable, enthusiastic and they weren’t afraid of no ghosts! In fact everyone that got involved in the event were brave, cooperative and respectful which led to a smoothly run, really enjoyable event.
I’d definitely meet up with them again for another hunt.
A special thanks to Madeleine and her girls in the tea rooms for keeping our energy and spirits high, providing delicious food and warming bevy’s, much needed on a the long cold night that it was!
Well thats my story… Go check it out yourselves if you’re brave enough!
Editors note:
Huge thanks to Josie Ronan for sharing her pictures with us.
Truth seekers Paranormal raised €1,070 for Ducketts Grove from this event!! sponsored the bloggers attendance at this event.