We asked Katerina Dillon to take part in the Ducketts Grove Ghost hunt, Saturday the 30th of September. She is currently writing about her experience but here is what she had to say before she went in.

Before the hunt.

“I’ve always been the adventurous type, I’ve always enjoyed a scaring the crap out of myself and others! A favourite past time of mine being, jumping out and yelling ‘BOO’ at people (no one in particular) when they’re exiting toilets and the likes!
Take me to a carnival and I’m heading straight to the ‘house of horrors’ or the terribly predictable ‘ghost train’, but never by myself lol.
I remember as a child, seeing a ghost for the first time. It was a young girl. I saw her sitting on end of the couch in the old flat I grew up in in London. Conveniently it was halloween, but much to my delight, there were other witnesses, so I knew, even as a 6 year old child that I wasn’t going mad!
I’ve had many other experiences, similar to my first, so I guess I have some sort of susceptibility or sixth sense to these energies, or whatever it is you want to call them. To be honest I’m not entirely sure of what my opinion is on what ghosts are or how a poltergeist moves physical objects, but I do know my curiosity is always firing to experience more of the paranormal and the unknown!
In saying that, when Jacinta at thesocialnetwork.ie asked me to go and partake in ‘The worlds largest ghost hunt’ at Duckett’s Grove (on her behalf because she’s a scaredy cat) I jumped at the chance!
I’ve done some research on the place and its history, I’m sure there’s plenty of scares to be had between the banshee and the farmers daughter alone!
The closest I’ve come to an organised ghost hunt is reenacting ghost busters or a taking a tour around Loftus Hall, so it’s pretty safe to say I’m kinda bricking it lol!
Lets hope that curiosity doesn’t actually kill the Kat!!”