About Love Carlow.

LoveCarlow is a re-generation project set up by County Carlow Chamber of Commerce in March 2016 with the aim of establishing Carlow as a great place to live, work, shop, socialise and visit.

Carlow is a fantastic town and county and we have so much to be proud of but too often all we hear are the negative stories.  As a county, we are not good at shouting about all the wonderful things Carlow has to offer.

Love Carlow is about changing that conversation, it’s about being positive, it’s about building our community, it’s about revitalising the businesses and most of off it’s about shouting about all the reasons why we Love Carlow.

Why was LoveCarlow set up?

The Momentum for change really kicked in following the closure of Supervalu in Carlow Shopping Centre along with the closure of several other small businesses in early 2016.  With all these closures, the town seemed to be slipping to a place where nobody wanted to live, work, shop or socialise. Everyone seemed to be talking about how bad the situation was, but nobody seemed to be talking about ways to stop this decline or how to improve things.

That’s when the County Carlow Chamber, which is mostly made up of business people and professionals who volunteer their time for free, stepped up and decided they were tired of the endless talking and lack of action and hence the LoveCarlow project was born.

 What is LoveCarlow all about?

The aim of Love Carlow is to help give direction and leadership to get the town back on its feet following what has been a difficult time in the country’s economic history. We want people to love local and we believe that fundamentally we have a fantastic town and county, who for its size has achieved so much and has a lot to be proud of.

We believe it’s time to shout about all the positive and uplifting stories that make Carlow great. Shout about the new businesses that are constantly opening, shout about the existing businesses who have survived through the tough times, shout about our great sporting, academic & entrepreneurial achievements, and shout about the wonderful, welcoming, optimistic Carlow people who are the very essence of what Carlow is all about.

LoveCarlow is about shouting about the good news stories. If you want to know all that’s great to Love about Carlow, check us out on our facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.


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