Since our inception in May 2016, we’ve covered a lot of ground!

Key drivers of the 30 minute free parking initiative in Carlow Town Centre which was introduced in 2016.

Conducted a survey completed by 250 people living and working in Carlow to get feedback on the issues & suggestions for improvements.

A survey of 60 town centre retailers to assess their concerns about Carlow Town Centre.

Development of a significant presence on Social Media –
  • Launch of the LoveCarlow beermat in August 2016, 5000 beer mats distributed throughout the county and sponsored by O’ Hara’s Craft Beer Company
  • LoveCarlow was adopted as the theme for the 2016 St Patricks Day parade
    Incorporated into the bass drum of Carlow Pipe Band
  • Used by many other retailers to promote local products & services
  • LoveCarlow hold monthly meetings with Carlow County Council to provide feedback and direction on where we need to improve
  • Lobbied Minister Simon Coveney for extra supports for Carlow resulting in an allocation of 150K for an Economic Development Project in Carlow Town Centre
  • Lobbied the Carlow/Kilkenny TD’s to determine what they are doing for Carlow
  • Lobbied the local elected representatives to strive for a better lot for Carlow
  • Have run a number of competitions focused on re-igniting people’s passion for Carlow, we have a beautiful county, we just need to help remind people of just how beautiful it is!
  • Strive to highlight new businesses on our social media networks to give new entrepreneurs a leg up
  • Strive to highlight local Chamber member businesses to help promote shopping local
  • Provided the theme for Bank of Ireland Enterprising town event 2017 – held in Dolmen Hotel

What is LoveCarlow all about?