Volunteering and giving back to your community boasts a number of benefits for not only others in need, but for yourself too! Helping with both small and big tasks as a volunteer can truly help to build the community, improving the quality of life for many different people. Most people volunteer at some point in their life and will know for themselves how helpful volunteering can be, which is why it is such a great thing to get involved with. Within County Carlow, our LoveCarlow volunteers are incredibly valuable to us and help keep us in a direction of growth and leadership. Here are the top benefits to volunteering in your community and how you can help out in Carlow town!


Creating Connections within the Community

One of the best things about volunteering within your community is being able to connect with others while working towards the greater good. Working with others to build a better community will help you to feel a part of something and make friends while you’re at it! You will most likely connect with people with similar interests to you and can form life-long friendships while volunteering. Creating connections with people in your area will make you feel both happier and healthier.


Helps Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Research has proven that volunteering is great for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Mentally, volunteering is incredible at improving your self-confidence, decreasing chances of depression and lowering your levels of stress. Helping your community and people in need gives you a great boost of self-confidence because you are able to feel as though you are actually making a difference in the world! The social aspect of volunteering is also amazing to help fight off depression, as you are out more and unlikely to experience as much social isolation. Volunteering also helps you to take your mind off of certain worries, so your stress levels naturally decrease. Physically, volunteering gets you out and about, which means you are moving more and have less chance of illness such as heart conditions in the future.


Improves Your Social Skills

Not all of us are born with confidence, and many of us are introverted, which means we may struggle or find it scary to socialise with others and get out of our comfort zones. Volunteering within your community can help you to improve these social skills so that you feel more confident to connect with others in the future. Improving your social skills can be so vital to improving your quality of life; volunteering can truly help you with this.


Widens Your Experience and Skillset

Volunteering can not only help you improve your social skills, but it can also help with future job prospects and your career. Depending on what you get involved with, you will learn new skills or improve on ones you already had. Working as part of a team within a community is so valuable and can really help when it comes to applying for a paid job. Additionally, the experience you gain while volunteering will boost your experience so you can feel more confident with your professional competence.


Adds Fun and Fulfilment to Your Life

One of the best things about volunteering within your community is the fun and laughter you experience while working to help others. Making friends, working on fun projects and experiencing new things is a great way to spend your life. Volunteering is so valuable in adding fun and laughter to your life, especially if you feel lonely or want to get out and connect with new people. Many volunteers note the fun they have as one of the top benefits of helping out for free within the community.


Improves Your Area

Volunteering within a community is working to help the town itself and other people, but also benefits you too. This is because you live in the same area and may have family and friends in the area, too. Creating a safe and developed town to spend your years in is a great way to spend your time. You can feel proud and confident that your volunteering hours spent helping the community will be grately appreciated by those around you.


Helping the Carlow Community

LoveCarlow was founded in 2016 to work towards helping Carlow Town centre after the economic recession. The aim of LoveCarlow is to provide direction and leadership to help improve Carlow Town and get both individuals and businesses back on their feet. Carlow is a beautiful town with friendly citizens, which is why we strive to highlight local businesses, encourage local shopping, and remind people of the beauty around us. During our last few years, we have achieved a number of things within the community, and many of our achievements could not have been accomplished without our wonderful volunteers. Get in touch with us to begin volunteering for your community today.