National Men’s Health Week 2022 (MHW2022) runs from Monday, 13 June until Father’s Day, Sunday, 19 June as an annual reminder to men to take stock of their mental and physical health. Ireland was the first country in the world to have a national men’s health policy authored by Dr. Noel Richardson, Director of the National Centre for Men’s Health (NCMH) located in South East Technological University (SETU) Carlow campus.
The theme of Men’s Health Week 2022 is Mission:isPossible The Action Starts With You. The campaign aims to encourage men to set one realistic target towards improving health or lifestyle for themselves. Karolyn McDonnell of NCMH emphasizes the importance of National Men’s Health Week 2022 ‘Almost 100 organisations across Ireland are making special efforts to reach out in their communities this week to encourage men to get involved in their communities, get health checks or simply join in a sport or pastime to improve physical and mental health’.
While positive steps are certainly evident in the awareness of men’s health issues, Ireland still has the highest rate of diagnosed prostate cancer in the EU. Excessive alcohol use remains high and 61% of Irish men are overweight or obese. Men’s mental health is of continued concern. Rates of suicide amongst young men in Ireland is one of the highest in Europe and the highest rates of self-harm have consistently been observed in young men between the ages of 20-24.

Details of all events for National Men’s Health Week, including advice about mental fitness, nutrition, and physical activity are available on the Men’s Health Forum website . The forum has also published the ‘Man Manual: Challenges and Choices’, a 32 page publication highlighting key men’s health issues. A hardcopy of this manual can be ordered for free from throughout National Men’s Health week 2022.

The celebration of Men’s Health Week is funded by the Health Service Executive Health and Wellbeing, Healthy Ireland and the Public Health Agency .