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Situated on the Barrow Valley in Carlow, Borris House is a historic Tudor mansion that was built in the 1700s. The Kavanagh family, once kings of Leinster, still retains ownership of the house today. The 12th-century Kavanagh Charter Horn is still on display. The house was badly damaged in 1798 but was painstakingly restored in 1820 by Richard and William Vitruvius Morrison. It’s a popular spot for tourists who enjoy the famous tapestries, antique furniture, carpets, porcelains, silverware and paintings. Architectural highlights include the Chapel of St. Moling and the ornate Stapleton ceilings.

A charitable foundation was founded at Borris House by Lady Harriet Kavanagh to provide employment for the women of the village during the Great Famine of Ireland in 1847 — today’s visitors will hear this famous story and see a small selection of Borris Lace. The new Lace Garden uses the traditional Borris lace as a reference for both its design and colour palette. Its unique use of symbols and shapes from this lace are balanced with a modern white colour scheme.