Carlow Artist puts the exchange in the Frame

 Carlow Artist , Kirstie Maher ,is set to create a captivating mural in the Exchange , Potato Market , Carlow encapsulating the profound theme of community and unity through a mesmerizing visual narrative. Titled “Progression Towards Unity,” this mural transcends traditional artistry, bringing a poignant message of inclusivity, diversity, and growth to the heart of our community.

The mural’s narrative unfolds through a series of panels that depict an individual gradually approaching fireflies, each representing a member of our vibrant community. This visual progression symbolizes the transformative process of individuals becoming more integrated into the community, emphasizing that exchange and interaction with others are vital steps in forging a resilient and cohesive community.

Announcing the Artist , Cllr. Tom O’Neill , Mayor of Carlow Municipal District said “I’d delighted to see this piece of work progress with will be a welcome addition to the exchange which has become a hub for community activity since its opening in 2022”.  Commenting of the process , Tom continued to say “I’d delighted that Carlow County Council got a significant response to our call for applications for commission and the approval by the public art working group of a young Carlow Artist. Tom concluded by saying “Kirstie Maher’s choice of  developing a story on the walls of the exchange with fireflies as a symbol for our community members is striking. Just like fireflies, each in our community individual possesses a unique brilliance, and when they come together, their collective light shines even brighter. This symbolism underscores the idea that individuals, with their distinct qualities, contribute to a stronger and more vibrant community when they exchange ideas, support, and experiences.

Commenting on her appointment , Kirstie Maher , Artist said “Receiving my first large commission from a public body is a tremendous honor and a profound responsibility. It’s a testament to the power of art to connect and inspire, and it motivates me to pour my heart and soul into creating something that not only beautifies our public spaces but also speaks to the heart of our community’s identity and aspirations”.

Sinead Dowling , Arts Officer with Carlow County Council said “Public art is not just about beautifying our towns and villages ; it’s a reflection of our shared values, our aspirations, and our cultural richness. It serves as a powerful reminder that creativity knows no boundaries and that a vibrant community is one that embraces the arts and I’m delighted to see a young Carlow Artist working with us to create a piece of art in this wonderful public space”.

Commenting on the development of the Exchange , Kieran Comerford , Head of Economic Development & Enterprise said “since its opening in 2022 , the exchange has been a fantastic resource for the community with over 50 events being held in the space to date. Commenting on the art as part of the exchange , Comerford said “ Art in public spaces is a testament to the soul of a community, an open invitation to engage, to question, and to find inspiration in unexpected places. It transforms mere locations into meaningful destinations, and in doing so, it enriches the lives of all who pass by”.

The mural will be unveiled later in 2023.