Buying, selling and trading is what makes the world go ‘round – we all shop for necessities like food and clothes, but we also shop for things that keep us satisfied like electronics and holidays. Billions of euros are pumped into the Irish retail industry each year which is great for the economy, but many consumers do not realise how important their shopping decisions actually are. Shopping locally within your community can reap a range of benefits – here are 5 of the most important reasons you should shop in your local community.



Sustainability – we hear this word a lot but what does it actually mean? Sustainability is all about ‘maintaining an ecological balance’ (Oxford Dictionary). We must be able to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations, which is why being environmentally friendly is so important.  

While millions of people are hopping in their cars to get to out-of-town shopping malls and getting buses and trains to city centres, the environment is suffering. Shopping locally means that residents can walk to shops or if they have to get transport they will do so for shorter distances. Shopping locally means less air pollution and a reduced impact on habitat. 

Employing local workers

Local businesses employ local workers, which is not only better for the environment but can improve the community. This is because a higher employment rate means an improved economy and more money for the growth of your local area. Local workers are also usually paid more than the workers at transnational companies or Irish retail chains.

Shopping at local businesses will give them more scope to expand and hire more local workers, doing good for the environment and providing a better service to residents.

More money for the local economy

Not only does a higher employment rate for local workers mean an increase in money for the local economy, but the more success a local business receives, the more it will naturally purchase more from other businesses in your area to facilitate its growth. Data shows that ‘local retailers return 52 per cent of their revenue back into the local economy, compared to just 14 per cent for national chain retailers’ (Shift Workspaces, 2019).

If the demand for a local business increases, their demand for service providers will also increase, pumping more money into your local economy. This circulation of money within your local economy will mean better pay for local workers as well as better resistance against national recessions.

Developing the community’s future

Shopping locally will help to develop the future of your community because local businesses are more likely to care about your area than larger malls and businesses. Local businesses tend to want to see an improvement in their community because that is where they are trading and usually living too.

Shopping at businesses in your local community will help them to invest in your area and make a difference in its long-term prosperity. Additionally, a nicer local area will result in an increase in house and property prices, benefitting you and your family. 

Character and sense of belonging

A thriving retail hub in your community can not only add character to the area but also help with a sense of belonging. Helping local businesses will strengthen the community, developing social connections and the overall satisfaction of local residents.

A sense of belonging within your community is a great benefit to your mental health and wellbeing; engaging and participating within your community and interacting with other residents can help to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, boost your confidence, as well as a number of other important benefits!

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